Greetings. I am Dr. Otto Octavius, and these actuators are my companions, Flo, Mo, Harry, and Larry. Kindly try not to interrupt my work.

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"The power of the sun in the palm of my hand."

This is an indie multiverse RP blog for Dr. Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus, based mainly on the second Spiderman movie and a few other series. Note that this is a side blog, so IC asks will come in from 'silvergryphon' but will be signed by Otto.

New Arrival (Open Tumblvenger RP)

The Tower was as large and as imposing a building as one would expect, given who it housed. The Tumblvengers worked out of this tower- lived there, even. And now Doctor Otto Octavius, former scientist at OsCorp and more recently former supervillain, was moving in.

As he looked up at the building, the back of his neck prickled. It felt wrong to be out in the open like this, in plain sight, where anyone walking by could see him. A week ago, he wouldn’t have dared, knowing that a sighting of Doctor Octopus would have brought SWAT teams down on his head. They would have tried to bring him in- and Otto, who had no intention of being a prisoner, might have been forced to kill one or more of them in order to escape. More specifically, the actuators would have killed them in order to protect him. He didn’t want to kill anyone, but he probably would have had no choice.

That had changed now, thanks to one Azura Fury. He’d accidentally struck up a cautious friendship with the leader of the Tumblvengers when she’d stumbled across his lair, wandered in, and engaged him in conversation while helping herself to his Oreos.

Flo thought that last bit was going a bit too far, but there you go. Fury hadn’t turned him in, as he’d expected she would. She hadn’t called other authorities, or wrangled her team to try and capture him. She’d just… talked… checking in now and then, somehow managing to earn a measure of trust from the wary, suspicious doctor.

It wasn’t long afterwards that Otto, having since let Harry hack his way into Tumblvengers communications, picked up word that Fury had been attacked, that a creature had stolen her heart. He hadn’t thought twice before he’d stormed the tower and rounded up a few of the more scientifically-inclined to find a way to help her. His good sense had returned not long afterwards, and in the confusion of one of the others figuring out how to restore Fury’s heart, Otto had slipped away.

Someone must have mentioned him, though, because Fury tracked him down again in his new lair.  She’d come with an offer- to work for her and her team. 

He wanted to, in spite of himself. He missed people, he missed working, he missed consulting with other scientists. But if he put himself into her hands… what was to say someone wouldn’t use his status as a wanted supervillain against him?

His price had been simple, though not at all easy to get- a pardon, full legal amnesty for his crimes, a chance to start over without having the police taking potshots at his head. To his complete shock, she’d come through, going so far as to wave the piece of paper under his nose as he and the actuators stared at it in wonder.

That settled it, then. A few days of packing, and now he was here, actuators tucked under a dark green trench coat- a new one he’d gotten specially for the occasion- but chirping to themselves, using his eyes as he used theirs, watching with interest.

With one last deep breath and a tightening of his grip on a battered old suitcase, Dr. Otto Octavius entered the Tower.

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