Greetings. I am Dr. Otto Octavius, and these actuators are my companions, Flo, Mo, Harry, and Larry. Kindly try not to interrupt my work.

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"The power of the sun in the palm of my hand."

This is an indie multiverse RP blog for Dr. Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus, based mainly on the second Spiderman movie and a few other series. Note that this is a side blog, so IC asks will come in from 'silvergryphon' but will be signed by Otto.

OTTO received the EGG! (Open RP)

Otto returned to his lab shortly after receiving the odd egg, setting it down on a counter on a nest of towels that Flo and Mo hastily assembled for the purpose. They chattered as they worked, running their scans.

An image appeared in his mind, fed to him by Flo. He closed his eyes to ‘see’ it more clearly- it had taken him a long time to get used to four other visual viewpoints occasionally sending his brain information, but get used to it he had. The image was a thermal scan, showing the ghostly image of a small, quadrupedal vertebrate embryo, approximately halfway (to judge by the size and the amount of space the little creature had yet to fill within its shell) through development. Too early to tell what precisely it was, but the general shape did vaguely resemble a dog or cat… 

He rested a hand on the smooth tan shell. The surface was slightly cool to the touch, but not by much.

"I hope you get along with Ghost’s and Queen’s little pets," he murmured to it.

  1. hallowqueenieofcorgis said: ((Is it an eevee?!?! :D))